Motivating your staff


Motivate your staff by defining expectation

Ask yourself a few basic questions.  The answers you provide lead directly to a new way of motivating your staff to increase productivity and profits.

- Are you uncomfortable providing and discussing reviews with your staff members?
- Are you uncomfortable reviewing employees that have been with you forever?
- Do you have a comfortable understanding how to link employee compensation with performance?
- Do you want to link employee performance to bonuses?

Motivating staff is easy once you understand what they do.  You select the Key Responsibilities that matter to you and to your patients.   Then you tell your staff member what is important.  When each staff member is held accountable to your standard for profitability, personal expertise, customer service, teamwork and housekeeping efficiencies, they "get" what it takes to excel and meet your expectation.  
Everyone performs better when they know the expectation.

VHR-Advisor makes this easier.   We offer many suggestions for your consideration.  But more importantly, we offer you a platform that is easy to use and takes the calculation guesswork out of your hands.   Your candid observations translate to numbers that are easily understood.