Employee Performance


Results-Based Bonuses and Raises

Bonuses:  when you look up the work bonus, you get "something given or paid over and above what is due".   Is every employee entitled to a bonus?  Emotionally, it is hard to distance yourself and decide who gets a bonus and who does not.   But this should not be an emotional decision.    It is a business decision, and likely one of the most important ones you will make when it comes to staff members.

Annual Raises:  do you automatically give an across the board raise to everyone?   Do you have a $35,000 receptionist because she has been with you for 14 years and has always received raises regardless how she contributes to the practice profitability? 

VHR-Advisor helps you identify areas of skill and development for each staff member.   When an employee takes on more responsibility and is accountable for the 5 Key Success Factors within the identified area, the employee owns the ability to earn better bonus and compensation capability.

Remember the 5 Key Success Factors?   Profitability, Expertise, Customer Service, Teamwork and Housekeeping.  Every staff member has the potential to contribute and be measured against this tool.   Amazingly, when staff members know that everyone is being held to the same standard, personal performance typically increases!