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Your entire practice management world within your business practice just got a whole lot easier and organized. Think about that for a moment and breathe deep!

Most often when we have conversations about practice management, we find that the number one aggravation practice owners share is their employee resources, their staff. They tell us personnel management is more challenging than they ever imagined when they were working towards becoming an optometrist and potentially owning their own practice.
It's difficult in a busy environment to keep track of the tasks and the key responsibilities of your team. It is also very essential in order to achieve a high-functioning medical practice and retail sales department. You must address both the clinical and the retail, as well as manage the expectations that you, the practice owner, have for your employees.

VHR presents a simple way to measure the performance of tasks and the key responsibility output of your team members, helping you develop a thriving and growing practice. Welcome to the world of VHR and managing your expectations. (and theirs too!)